K-Ray Releases His Debut Project 'School Dayz'


Hip-hop, the genre that revolutionized the art of story-telling and on-purpose controversy breeds some of the most dope creatives. Little Rock Arkansas native rapper K-Ray releases his Demetrius Johnson produced debut project entitled School Dayz, laced with 10 lyrically potent, diary-like reflective, old-school hip-hop infused tracks. K-Ray embodies the essence of early rap with a more modern birth year, apparently the young rising star reveres hip-hop's original objectives of history, voice and head-bobbing flows. Check out his debut project below! 

SPINRILLA link: https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/k-ray-school-dayz



K-Ray raps:

She flirting with a n**** every time I walk by

So I walk over to her and introduce myself 

My name is Kelton is this seat taken by someone else?

She said, "Yeah n**** if you sit down, my name is Toya nice to meet you, I'll see you around"