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DRAM ft. Cardi B - "Cute" Remix


American rapper, singer and songwriter DRAM adds a new complimentary addition to his single "Cute, " which originally premiered a year ago but today he releases the remix featuring Bronx native firecracker Cardi B. "Cute" represents DRAM's idiosyncratic approach to making music; his level of innate understanding and perception of making records puts him light-years ahead of any potential competition. He pulls on Cardi B to add that necessary spice and cocky delivery she's so known for. He states that the "Cute Remix" marks the closing of the Big Baby Dram album, we look forward to hearing it but in the meantime listen to his most recent track below.

DRAM raps:

I just had to park my car cuz I was finna' crash the whip

Scrolling through my feed I saw you just had post a pic

I choose you like a Pokemon/ I choose you your selection one

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