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MAK 7EVEN - "Shadow Child"


Do you crave substance with your hip-hop, poetic lyricism with your hip-hop, real stories with your hip-hop - if so rapper, producer, singer and engineer MAK 7EVEN is bound to feed you with his latest track "Shadow Child." This record listens like an open wound, a controversial lyrical out-cry about injustices, realities and blatant truths. The young South Carolina native has a flow reminiscent of the Nas and Mobb Debb era with a modern spin. It's obvious that 7EVEN has immersed himself in the roots of hip-hop and grows strong from that knowledge - we need this for the culture. Check out his latest single below!

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MAK 7EVEN raps:

Dealing with the inflictions of societies need to fit in
Yo they gave me blue prints
Verses and scripture and pictures depicting pale misses and misters
They poured bleach in the system




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