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SIYA - "383 - For Roosevelt"


New York native Siya returns with the follow up to her timeless SIYAvsSIYA album with 383 - For Roosevelt, a collaboration of hip-hop, head-bobbing flows and undeniable talent from the young star. New York, the birth place of hip-hop, breeds some of the best musicians of all time, especially in the genre of hip-hop. Siya, although currently L.A based, has Brooklyn flowing through her veins, you can feel it in her delivery and effortless ability to make quality music. 383 - For Roosevelt listens like an open declaration statement that she's here, she's not going anywhere and that her flows are incontestable, a must listen; check it out below.


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Siya raps "Magic:"

B****s out here acting like I ain't the one

Like I ain't put no money in they bank or sum'

N****s out here acting like I ain't the s***

Like I ain't hit the block and move a 100 bricks

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