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3D Na'Tee - "Slippery T. Mix"


New Orleans rapper, songwriter and video-director 3D Na'Tee snaps over Migo's "Slippery" instrumental on her Monday Morning Exercise 008 giving us witty wordplay and raw, effortless delivery. If you want to hear an MC that will send chills up your spine from the amount of lyrical potency oozing from every bar then anything 3D Na'Tee drops needs to be on your playlist. She gives us her street narrative, cocky punchlines and takes a couple jabs at any potential competition, a must listen. Check it out below!

3D Na'Tee raps:

Now I be burying beats / Eat a track like its' Phillipe

Your favorite rappers are weak / Dressing like somebodies niece

But in a verse acting like Meech/ I'm from the streets, I'm from the bottom for real


More videos from 3D Na'Tee below.

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