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Brockhampton - "Junky"


Brockhampton gifts us with another lyrically potent track off their highly anticipated Saturation II project entitled "Junky." This track opens with an emotive Kevin Abstract verse followed up by nothing but consistent bars from the rest of the crew. If you miss that head-bobbing, making a face like something stinks type of hip-hop, then look no further Brockhampton is here to fill that void. The strange visual compliments the depth of lyricsm present in this record a must see; check it out below. 

Ikonic lyrics:

I do the most for the culture n**** by just existing

Delete my tweets cuz I'm ashamed of being a f***in Simpson

I told my momma I was gay why the f*** she ain't listen

I signed a pub deal and her opinion f***in disappearing 



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