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Fox Coat feat. Cory Gunz - "4th"


Bars are back this season! Fox Coat teams up with Cory Gunz for this crazy new single "4th." Both MC's spit nothing but straight fire over head-bobbing, climaxing production. The Lloyd Barnes shot visual most fittingly premiered at the end of the latest Respect Life episode. It's apparent that neither one of these lyricist came on this track to play but to give us that undeniable, legendary New York flow, a must listen; check it out below!

Fox Coat raps:

I'm who the games missing, Grey Goose sippin  

Its Fox Coat pimpin', if they ain't lynch em'  

And we kill messengers / everyone's a victim  

D*** up in the envelope like f*** whoever sent em

Cory Gunz raps: 

I been nice your whole lifetime / granddad, grandmoms  

P**** tryna stop a blood , tampax , tampons

N****s wanna box me 


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