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Ikonic Visual: Yerr Eli - "WHYT"


Red Lyfe's own and Young M.A cosigned artist Yerr Eli releases the official visual to his brand new single "WHYT (Watch How You Talk)." Following up from his debut track "My Guyz" this latest record listens with that same energy. Eli gives consistent stamina in his music. "WHYT" hearkens like a lyrical warning to all snitches and fraudulent characters plotting on the next person who's thriving. The playful but deliberate visual showcases Eli surrounded by his loyal entourage and the clown who tried to line him duck-taped to a go-cart, a must see; check it out below. 

Yerr Eli raps:

Ain't a n**** that could bang with us

Red Lyfe we too dangerous / bad b**** call my cellular 

Said she got the drop on a n****

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