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Chaz Weaver - "Breaking Bad"


College Park, GA native artist Chaz Weaver releases this lyrically charged GSeason produced single "Breaking Bad," a record of encouragement, grind and seamless execution. The obvious T.V series inspired title may lead you to believe that this is a record about drugs and corruption, however it's just the opposite. "Breaking Bad" represents strength, shattering society norms and overcoming constant adversity. The young MC is trying to expose listeners to his music creation formula, keep your ears open for this one. The primarily woodsy shot visual gives us a feeling of grit paralleled with his lyrical narrative making this video a must see!

When asked what inspired such a record Weaver replies, " The inspiration was pretty much from the actual TV show but instead of cooking up meth it was showing people the formula to creating such a great song."

Chaz Weaver raps:

The ingredients is stay focused, go and get your another pack
Jump back in the booth with the flame this is not a game
It’s time to cook up another batch


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