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Trill Taj - "First Day Out"


Tee Grizzley's hit record "First Day Out" spread across the nation similar to Young M.A's "Ooouuu" thus provoking a multitude of artists to attempt to rhyme over the instrumental, but few have succeed. One of the few is Texas native artist Trill Taj who releases some cold witty flows over this hard hitting production. Taj combines beauty with talent. The graffiti coated, dungeon shot visual partnered with the young MC's obvious appeal and gritty delivery separates her bars from the masses. She gives us lyrical honesty and crazy wordplay, check it out below!

Trill Taj raps:

On all 10s b**** I stood tall
Took them L's to the chin, did it break me not at all
Tino fronted me first I got that off easy
You can ask TJ if you n****s don't believe me
Slept on that floor, no bed no t.v



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