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J-Jon Releases a Riveting New Single "Dear Ex Song"


Bronx, NY native artist J-Jon snaps on his latest single "Dear Ex Song," a riveting tale of a foul, greedy, non-appreciative and lost woman. Jon has a knack for story-telling as he's displayed in previous tracks like "Mask Off Freestyle" and "Statistics." The young MC tells this lyrical account with so much passion and angst that you almost feel like his story is your own. Truth is, you may have endured this very problem. We subsist in a generation that wants everything insta-fast but how many loyal, thorough-bred people are left, those that will stand by your side and rise with you. The visual displays Jon as a fly on the wall while his alleged woman canoodles with another man, a must see; check it out below!

J-Jon raps:

My bro pulled me to the side and he said, "Face it bro, that b**** you gave your heart too was just a basic h**"
Immature girl that never really knew her worth
Taking applications from any n**** tryna give her work



Listen to more from J-Jon below.


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