Gregory Lamont feat. Freshh Gee - "Walk Over You" (Prod. Ashilee Ashilee)

Atlanta's own Gregory Lamont releases a brand new Nancy Sinatra reminiscent Ashilee Ashileeproduced single featuring Freshh Gee entitled "Walk Over You." Talent bleeds from Lamont's soul, unparalleled lyricism oozes from his lips and song creation is tightly fused into his innate being. Everyone cannot call themselves an artist...

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J Wright - H.H.H EP


When's the last time you heard a simply iconic and outstanding body of work? It will be today if you listen to J Wrights' latest project H.H.H, an EP of love, acknowledgement of current generational issues, stigmas, passions, realizations and pain. The young platinum songwriter, A&R and actor pulls out all the stops to make this project a dynamite collaboration...

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Sevdaliza -"Human" 

Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter Sevdaliza releases this enigmatic and seductive single "Human" off her ISON EP that's bound to captivate your inner being. Music crosses all ethnic, national and personal bounds. The lyricism in this record remains as vivid and inscrutable as the stunning visual to match...

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