Rick Beato: Music Education On YouTube | Music Business: How It Works

The most sought after and savage business - the music business - gets broken down by writer, producer and musician Rick Beato. He discusses pertinent topics like streaming, record budgets, cross-collateralization, record royalties, producer points, how money is paid to artists, why record labels are screwing up and more. Millions of people desire to be in the music business but have taken no time to study and comprehend it's inner workings. If you are one of those millions that hasn't taken the time, take the time now to watch Beato's video on the music business, open your eyes and increase your understanding of one of the industry's most ruthless multi-billion dollar entity. 

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HOT 97 G-Eazy Interview : Hip Hop, Female Rappers and His Consistent Grind

"...As a artist, define your own criteria and have YOUR understanding of who YOU are."

- G-Eazy

G-Eazy, no newcomer to the hip-hop game but a newcomer to well-deserved, worldwide, mainstream success, sits down for an Ebro and Rosenberg Hot 97 interview. His daring, timeless and downright phenomenal new album The Beautiful & Damned opens up the very doors he was on his way to knock down. An album submerged in potent lyricism and legendary features. During his interview he discusses injustices, female rappers, understanding your artistry and his budding relationship. Check it out below. 


Jay-Z New York Times Interview with Dean Baquet

Jay-Z sits down with the executive editor of The New York Times , Dean Baquet for this insightful, therapeutic, frank and necessary interview discussing topics of race, conformity and Kanye to name a few. Wouldn't we all love to see the world through Jay-Z's eyes - through his music we can. He elaborates on some of the intricacies and controversial content present in his latest 4:44 album, that's nominated for eight Grammys by the way, in an in depth and reflective way. He's one of the greatest artist of all time not only for his music but for his deep understanding of "self," that ability to take a good look in the mirror acknowledging fault, imperfection and growth. A must see interview; check it out below.


Miss Ikonic's Top 7: Alive or in Heaven (Rappers)

If we're talking hip-hop ikons we have to mention each one of these ikonic and ground-breaking artists.

Miss Ikonic's Top 7: Alive or in Heaven (Rappers) (in no particular order)

  1. Jay-Z
  2. Tupac Shakur
  3. Biggie Smalls
  4. Missy Elliot
  5. Eminem
  6. DMX
  7. Lil Kim

Each one of these artists changed the game as we know it in someway, shape or form, Missy Elliot with her style and experimental sound. Jay-Z with his legendary lyricism, ear for good music and business saavy. DMX with his record-breaking debut albums, personal history and irrefutable unique sound. Eminem for his crazy flows, multi-faceted creative talents and his conspicuously fabled production. Tupac for his riveting-poetic lyricism, culture-shifting content and rambuncios personality. Biggie Smalls, simply because he is the greatest, he fused genres, said what he felt and held nothing back in his short but influential hip-hop career span. Lastly, Lil Kim turned the industry on its' head with Biggie by her side, her raunchy lyricism, provocative style and fearless approach to the entity of hip-hop.

Hip-hop, one of the most foolhardy and controversial music genres, harvests some of the most eminent creatives. Who's your 'Top 7: Alive or in Heaven?'

You Can't Buy a Voice but You Can Pay for Vocal Lessons!

If you walk into a store and you see a cute dress you like - you can buy it. The same process does not work for your voice. You can't go to a store, pick out a mixture of Beyonce, Teena Marie and a dash of Aaliyah vocals. However, although you can't buy a voice you can pay for vocal lessons! In a generation with more technology than talent its' imperative to utilize the ancient but vital use of a vocal coach!

Beauty fades, talent doesn't.

If you love an art form you should study its' most intricate workings. The voice - a powerful tool - but a complex one represents the very apparatus you want to use to relay your messages, pay your bills and make you famous; yet you haven't trained it!? Hiring a vocal coach brings you closer and closer to vocal excellence. It astounds me how many people I see singing on Instagram or YouTube sounding a hot mess with a slew of positive commentary below - those are not your friends!

Furthermore, if you have an alleged "manager" who hasn't encouraged or signed you up for vocal lessons start searching for a new one. You can't become an ikonic vocalists without a coach. Do basketball players and football players become legendary without the help of an excellent coach? Do gymnasts make the Olympics without a coach - no - so how do you think you can earn a Grammy without a coach? All talents require the same foundation - repetition, persistence, passion, idiosyncrasies and COACHING!

I know some phenomenal vocal coaches ;if you're in need feel free to email theikonicmusicblog@gmail.com and I'll put you in touch.

Put Yourself On!

This is the era of putting yourself on. You like music, you want to learn how to produce - put yourself on. You like to sing - put yourself on. You want to own a business - put yourself on. You want your own clothing line - put yourself on. It's 2017 the only thing halting you from reaching your highest level of eminence is you!

People grouse about their current circumstances as if their aren't a superfluity of resources out here. For example. I ,Miss Ikonic, knew I loved writing music and writing about music. I didn't know how to make a website but I did my research, played around with some different site hosts and eventually constructed the blog you all are viewing today.

Put yourself on in every way possible; get in tune with your innate being. Spend an ample amount of time getting to know who you are and who you'd like to become. If your viewing this article obviously you love music to some degree or entirely - the music industry is for the relentless, vehement and insomnious. Whatever you want to learn - you can. If a company won't put you on start your own, make yours better and they'll regret not adding your skill-set to their team. If your passion isn't in your current location - move. Opportunity is not going to come to your front door draped in high salaries, fancy cars and freedom - you have to go get it!

The time is now!

Documentary: Demi Lovato - 'Simply Complicated'

We are ikonically late on reviewing Demi Lovato's eye-opening documentary Simply Complicated but , nonetheless, I am going to discuss it anyway. We've watched this young star grow up literally in front of our eyes. The acting gem and obvious vocal powerhouse unveils quite the story from drugs, to depression, to eating disorders - she holds nothing back. 

I placed this article under the 'Music Industry Education' tab because there's so much anyone who aspires to be in this business can learn from her documentary. The entertainment business is not for the meek and timid but for the intrepid and enduring. Lovato represents strength not only as a woman but as a public figure. As a budding 25 year old mogul she's accosted her previous demons and copes with her daily ones' acknowledging shortcomings, obsessions and goals.   

This gripping documentary oozes with her palpable, undeniable intimacy with music and how therapeutic it has been for her. She's the walking definition of someone who creates music for the love, feeling and treatment it provides. Grab some popcorn, maybe a tissue or two, click the link below and delve into the story of the crooning sensation - Demi Lovato!



Ear Drummers Producer 30 Roc Breaks Down the "Rake It Up" (Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj) Beat

HipHopDX meets with Atlanta based super-producer 30 Roc while he breaks down the creation of his top-charting Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj  "Rake It Up" beat. 30's definitely a fool for this one alongside the legendary production stylings of Mike WiLL Made It - their quite the hit-making duo. "Rake It Up" is indubitably one of the top records of the year. Sauce isn't a gift but its innate to this young producing guru. He also briefly discusses his relationship and bond with Mike WiLL; check it out below!


30Roc production inquires: Its30RocBeatz@gmail.com


Tami LaTrell: What is Songtrust? + Publishing vs. Distribution


Multi-platinum Grammy nominated songwriter, music industry enthusiast, YouTube vlogger and regional online editor, Tami LaTrell gifts us another helpful video this time on the topics of Songtrust, Publishing and Distribution. If you are a songwriter, producer, artist, engineer etc. you need to watch this video!

Latrell and Jason Cerf drop some music industry gems. The music business, one of the most lucrative and influential conglomerates there is, functions just like any other multi-million dollar corporation with arms that extend into publishing, legalities, distribution, marketing etc. that makes it operate successfully. If you continue to learn from Tami Latrell you will understand all industry facets. Check out her latest video below!


In episode 1 of this 4 part series of The Writers Block, I talk with Jason Cerf who explains what Songtrust is all about and how they can help you collect your royalties! We discuss: -What is Songtrust and what are they offering? -How your songwriter ownership works. -The difference between collecting royalties, publishing and distributing music. -We also briefly discuss Sound Exchange.

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Also receive my special discount when you join Songtrust below by entering this: Coupon code "Starfactory" at checkout.



How to Successfully Promote Your Music in 2017


The method of promoting your music has changed radically since the creation of this universal entity. These are not the days of finding aspiring artists on the street corners in Yonkers, NY but a digital age of YouTube, social media, "going viral" and accidental fame. Below is a brief video that gives you four steps to help successfully promote your music in the new era as a rising artist. It is imperative that you analyze your market and audience. There's a method and formula to creating eminence in today's music industry - study the business, be creative by nature and network like your career depends on it because it does!

1. Let Your Fans pick Your SINGLE

2. Distribute Your Single on Streaming Sites, iTunes, Apple, etc

3. Run Facebook Ads in Your Area & Target certain Listeners

4. Create Your Story and Push on Blogs



How Can an Independent Artist License Their Music for TV or Film?

Wouldn't you love to hear your music, mixing or production on the big screen?!


If your an artist, producer, songwriter or engineer you must know that music doesn't only get played on SoundCloud and iTunes but in Films and TV as well. Breaking into the music industry is one goal but infiltrating the film industry is another monster in itself. Music licensing is defined as the licensed use of copyrighted music; to get your music on TV it must be licensed and submitted to a publishing company, music supervisor etc. 

Of course your wondering who are those people and how do I get to know them. Truth is, you won't know them at first. There are sites like GreenLights and BroadJam that will submit your music to these big companies for you, that's an impersonal route but you have to start somewhere. The best route of course is networking and personally plugging yourself in to these invaluable gatekeepers. There are myriad ways to make a living in the music business, educate yourself, open your horizons and the sky is the limit. Check out some helpful videos below on music licensing!


Producers vs. Beatmakers

There are colossal differences between a music producer and a beatmaker; it is paramount that artists, songwriters, singers or music creatives alike understand these very distinct contrasts. Beat-makers are simply that - beatmakers - they make the beat. However, a producer ,on the other hand, makes the beat but they also cultivate, nurture and construct the sound of the record. A producer is most sought after for exactly how phenomenal their ear is, how they can hear when a sound is missing; how they hear melodies and their connections to people who could enhance the sound of your record like a dope vocalist or an instrumentalist amid other strengths.


Please, please, please stop using the term producer so loosely. Producers are an integral and priceless component of the music production process, use them wisely! Check out a few videos below to help you better understand the differences between producers and "beatmakers."

Furthermore, below I've listed some producers we know and love and some you may not, feel free to check out their music or contact them to purchase their services. (Some of the producers on this list are legendary and probably not easily reached but as for those who are rising legends feel free to reach out, it's 2017 shoot your shot!)

  1. Ashilee (Ashilee) Roberts (producer, instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, engineer, film score composer, studio owner and all around creative, Atlanta based.)
  2. Mook Beatz (producer and creative)
  3. Scott Storch (producer, pianist, music veteran and creative)
  4. Logic (rapper, songwriter and producer)
  5. Dr. Dre (producer, rapper and creative)
  6. 30Roc (producer)
  7. Rick Rubin (producer and former co-president of Columbia Records)
  8. George Martin ( English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer, and musician) 
  9. Backpack (producer, engineer, songwriter and label owner)
  10. Skrapp (producer, artist, singer-songwriter)
  11. Jerry "Wonda" ( musical composer and record producer)
  12. Mike Will Made It ( record producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter)

Music Publishing - How to Turn Your Songs Into Money (Renman U)


How well do you understand music publishing? If it's a vague understanding - that's a problem. If it's a basic understanding - that's still a problem. If you have no idea - that's a catastrophe! To succeed in the music BUSINESS you must understand that it is indeed a business with multiple functioning parts, one of the most lucrative and inevitable is publishing. Below legendary music manager Steve Rennie details music publishing and getting paid from your songs, super informative, a must watch!

So You Want to be a Songwriter???


Songwriting, one of the most lucrative and residual sectors of the music creation process temps many new comers and lovers of this crazy entity we call music. However, songwriting is no easy task, it can be taught but it's better if its' innate to you and your being. Songwriting presents many complicating factors; take a look at some helpful videos below to help aid your understanding and forewarn you of any prerequisites you should know before you embark upon your writing journey.

Artist Managers: What is their Role and Do You Need One?

Managers are a big topic of discussion in the music business; often artists wonder do they need a manager and if so how soon should they get one. The first step in needing a manager is having something to actually manage! If you are a new artists taking free shows a couple times a month with a couple hundred streams on Soundcloud - you may not be at the point where you have anything to manage. Your career is still in its' early stages of development and you should grind it out so you can be sought out by a great manager. However, once your numbers begin to rise, you start making some type of profit from your music, you've got out and networked and truly believe that this is your innate calling then go on the hunt for a manager. Managers invest time and eventually money into your development and success, don't waste their efforts or yours!

In the words of an infamous A&R by the name of Lenny Santiago, "People have to either want to be you or believe you."
Before you even think of getting a manager ask yourself, do people want to be you or believe you; if you don't have either one of those qualities or both go back to the drawing board! Above is a brief video from Paradym Music Group on what music managers do and why you need one! Check it out!

Here are a few reasons why having a music artist manager is important and explains some of what a manager does:

1. Gives Guidance from a different perspective
2. Reach Out and Establish Relationships
3. Organization and Business Minded Experience
4. Will Create a Business out of You and Your Brand.

Mos Def on How The Music Business Works

The legendary Mos Def talks Music Business. The business everyone appears to be so infatuated with, it's ins and outs, it's highs and lows, are you ready? Does your passion for music supersede your understanding of the business? If that's the case make sure you have a high enthusiasm and understanding of both components of this crazy industry we call music. Check out his audio below!