Jia McMillan Shipley

Young M.A Stops By XXL

Jia McMillan Shipley

Young M.A stops by XXL to discuss celebrity co-signs, bringing New York hip-hop back and the foreshadowing of the success of "Ooouuu."

What does it take to blow up in the modern day music industry, first step - a hit record!

Young M.A has radically made a statement and silenced naysayers with the triumph of her record "Ooouuu." She didn't want to be placed in the category of "freestyle" or "battle" rapper, only, that is why "Ooouuu" was imperative to showcase that she can indeed make records as well as spit. Furthermore, she then followed up "Ooouuu" with another timeless record entitled "Summer Story" and the visual to her "Quiet Storm" freestyle. We know she can't stop and she won't stop! We look forward to her success!

Check out the short XXL interview below.