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Young M.A Speaks on Her Success, The Need for the NYC Sound, Recent Issues and More With Funk Flex

Everyone wants to be in the music business but not everyone has the tools, the talent or the connections. Young M.A stops by the Funk Flex show speaking on her enormous success, issues in the media and her humility. Young M.A is not merely successful from her music alone but also her growing knowledge of the music industry and her appointed team members. Funk Flex digs in and ask a lot of questions we all want to know the answers to. Radio continues to play a huge role in the success of a new single from a new artist. Networking with radio and industry professionals is a major key; this is a 'who-you-know' business not just a 'what-you-know' business. 

Check out Young M.A's interview with Funk Flex below. 

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