The New Music Moguls - David J. Deal

"The ebook you’re now reading, The New Music
Moguls, examines how the world’s most powerful
musicians not only make music but seemingly make
the industry bend to their collective will."

-David J. Deal

The music industry has evolved, the blueprint remains the same but the method to achieve success and notoriety has change drastically. David J. Deal, the author of the free ebook, "The New Music Moguls" highlights some of the top earning artist of the world like Jay Z, Rihanna, Adele, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Bieber to name few. Deal states that the new era of artist are writing their own rules for success and branding themselves by using music as the platform to bigger and more lucrative ventures.

Book highlights:

  • Relationship building and branding - Rihanna
  • Fan base - Adele and Taylor Swift
  • Open vs closed approach. Adele tends to be closed off personally while Taylor Swift on the other hand is more open and interactive with her fans.
  • H U S T L E songs like cornflakes! Impeccable Hustle - Jay Z and Katy Perry for example.
  • Reinventing an artist - Justin Bieber for example.
  • Engagement - Lady Gaga

Click the link below to read Deal's "New Music Moguls." This is a brief but informative must read for those in the music business and those who want to be in the music business. This book gives myriad gems that could be helpful to those entering the music business.

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