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You Can't Buy a Voice but You Can Pay for Vocal Lessons!

If you walk into a store and you see a cute dress you like - you can buy it. The same process does not work for your voice. You can't go to a store, pick out a mixture of Beyonce, Teena Marie and a dash of Aaliyah vocals. However, although you can't buy a voice you can pay for vocal lessons! In a generation with more technology than talent its' imperative to utilize the ancient but vital use of a vocal coach!

Beauty fades, talent doesn't.

If you love an art form you should study its' most intricate workings. The voice - a powerful tool - but a complex one represents the very apparatus you want to use to relay your messages, pay your bills and make you famous; yet you haven't trained it!? Hiring a vocal coach brings you closer and closer to vocal excellence. It astounds me how many people I see singing on Instagram or YouTube sounding a hot mess with a slew of positive commentary below - those are not your friends!

Furthermore, if you have an alleged "manager" who hasn't encouraged or signed you up for vocal lessons start searching for a new one. You can't become an ikonic vocalists without a coach. Do basketball players and football players become legendary without the help of an excellent coach? Do gymnasts make the Olympics without a coach - no - so how do you think you can earn a Grammy without a coach? All talents require the same foundation - repetition, persistence, passion, idiosyncrasies and COACHING!

I know some phenomenal vocal coaches ;if you're in need feel free to email and I'll put you in touch.

Miss Ikonic's Top 7: Alive or in Heaven (Rappers)

Miss Ikonic's Top 7: Alive or in Heaven (Rappers)

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