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How to Successfully Promote Your Music in 2017


The method of promoting your music has changed radically since the creation of this universal entity. These are not the days of finding aspiring artists on the street corners in Yonkers, NY but a digital age of YouTube, social media, "going viral" and accidental fame. Below is a brief video that gives you four steps to help successfully promote your music in the new era as a rising artist. It is imperative that you analyze your market and audience. There's a method and formula to creating eminence in today's music industry - study the business, be creative by nature and network like your career depends on it because it does!

1. Let Your Fans pick Your SINGLE

2. Distribute Your Single on Streaming Sites, iTunes, Apple, etc

3. Run Facebook Ads in Your Area & Target certain Listeners

4. Create Your Story and Push on Blogs



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