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Lio Nicol Releases Debut EP "1"


Los Angeles indie-pop artist Lio Nicol releases her debut EP 1, a heartfelt, boastful compilation of personal stories married with melody and grand production. Nicol is a college drop-out that found love in this drug we call music with a burning desire to learn and submerse herself in the discovery of her sound.

"This EP is a compilation of my learning journey with music over the last 3 years. It took lots of learning what I didn't like to be able to pull together what I love. This is an expression of sounds and concepts that really feel like me and I'm proud to share."

-Lio Nicol

1 listens like an open wound with a timeless sound, we look forward to hearing more from the rising star in the near future. Check her latest EP out below.


Nicol sings "Take Me Away:"

Daylight comes close

She says it's time to let her go

Her eyes don't close he says I don't wanna be alone

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