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Aria Hennessy- "Soul In Your Pocket"


Aria Hennessy releases a brand new pop R&B infused record entitled "Soul In Your Pocket;" if the title peaks your curiosity the actually record will send your ears into overdrive. "Soul In Your Pocket" is the perfect integration of pop, soul and upper echelon infatuation. The best of the best in collaboration with magnetism makes for a strong bond.

Hennessy having worked with producers for Whitney Houston and Kanye West amidst offering her writing talents to myriad pop stars and amassing over 300,000 streams on her 2016 single "Where Did The Love Go" makes her a force to be reckoned with. "Soul In Your Pocket" showcases Hennessy's compelling lyrical talents, vocal range and overall ability to make a dope track, check it out below.

Aria Hennessy sings:

I'm wasting time, damn I can't enjoy my sushi with ya on my mind

He's wasting money on me , don't know the things I like

Yeah he's trying to impress me with his foreign ride

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