Sammie Drops "I'm Him" EP

The "Come With Me" prince, Sammie, has grown up but still has that soulful and lust-filled voice on his most recent project I'm Him. R&B is a genre that has definitely evolved but the topics haven't changed. Love, sex, lust, relationships, heartbreak; R&B music is like a relationship bible, it gets you through the hard times and the wisdom to see the signs of approaching turmoil. I'm Him, skips down memory lane, pauses in reality and hits play on admiration of the female anatomy.


Sammie sings "I Want You:"

I want your body, no I ain't too proud to beg now

Your body's calling and I'm picking up like hey now  

I need your lips on mine /wind your hips dirty wind  

I'll send chills down your spine 

Check out Sammie's "I'm Him" visual below and purchase the EP by clicking this link -