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KeKe Palmer Drops Lauren EP

Keke Palmer is more than a Disney child star and has evolved into a grown, strong and artistic woman. We've been waiting on her to finally release her EP Lauren and she didn't disappoint. Lauren is a fusion of R&B, hiphop and island undertones. The triple threat is open, honest, emotional and bold during this five track project laced with love stories and some raunchy lyricism. But the gag is - it's not just an auditory EP but it has a full length dynamic visual as well!!


Keke Palmer sings "Pressure":

A thug is my weakness/ He bring out my freakness

See all these n****s but I never like them regulars

I just never had an interest in them amateurs

Check out the Visual EP below and purchase the EP on iTunes by clicking this link - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lauren-ep/id1170092356


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