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Charlise J - "Need Somebody" feat. Southern Playas

Atlanta songbird, Charlise J, gives us some smooth R&B with her new single "Need Somebody" featuring Snoop Dogg signee Clay James and Messiah Da Rapper, collaboratively known as the Southern Playas. Charlise J has made her presence known in Atlanta's underground music scene with her striking features, soulful voice and consistent drive. Savannah, GA production duo "Aphelion" provides the track for this lyric heavy and emotional collaboration.

Charlise J sings: 

They don't understand /the type of life im living

Everyone depends on me /it really got me tripping when I need somebody

Who can I call when I need somebody


Clay James raps:

Feel like I'm by myself stuck on Gilligan's island

But I control the wetness of hoes like I'm Poseidon

I need a b**** that's anywhere and everywhere like Verizon

Messiah Da Rapper:

She's left alone with his daughter when he's out on the road

And she don't trust that he gone make it plus he's probably with h***

Flawed in his own, he's really just a man on his route

Check out Charlise J's "Need Somebody" below.

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