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Travis Malloy - "Love Languages" Album

 Pittsburgh native, singer, songwriter and producer Travis Malloy definitely has a timeless sound and some miles in this industry having worked with the likes of Kelly Price, Charlie Wilson and Fred Hammond to name a few. Love Languages is a soulful, passionate, old school inspired, head-bobbing, make you fall in love type of project. True rhythm and blues music makes you feel, feel in love, feel pain, feel the soul of the artist and Travis Malloy has accomplished that with this exceptional and necessary compilation.  


 Travis Malloy sings "Best Friend:"

Your love is greater than I've ever believed  

Not just your love but your loyalty  

No matter what I do you believe in me  

Girl I like the way you call my name / mmm it's so sweet like the purple rain  

Check out Malloy's "Best Friend" visual below and purchase Love Languages project by clicking this link - . 

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