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JYDN - "R U Down" & "Shawty You Know"

Singer and songwriter, JYDN drops this steamy and deliberate record "R U Down."

JYDN states, "“The song R U Down is inspired by the futuristic sounds of modern RnBass, and my intent was to create an atmospheric aura for the listener that can get them in their feels. I wanted R U Down to be a song that showcases my creativity and ability to step outside of my comfort zone musically, while also staying true to the essence of JYDN.

He also just released another dope track entitled "Shawty You Know" a cocky record that showcases JYDN's inate ability to sing and rap.


JYDN sings "R U Down":

You should do yourself a favor

If you need lovin' I'm your savoir

And I'ma save me some for later

And if you play your cards right we'll be f***in all night

Listen to JYDN's "R U Down" and "Shawty You Know."

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