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Big Sean X Jhene Aiko - TWENTY88

These two together are simply magical. Twenty88 is an exceptional EP that flows from song to song flawlessly. The music, the content, the production of this project all makes sense. This new generation of music is promising and then the other half seems to be a bit lost but this project sets a new tone. It is obvious that these two vibe on a personal level, not necessarily intimately but the personal vibe that two artist need to create a dope collaborative project. Both artist are great at telling stories with their music and they have successfully done so with each song on the EP, nice flow with good vibes, definitely a must listen!

Writers: Sean Anderson (Big Sean), Jhene Aiko, Dwane Wier II, Cameron Osteen, Micah, Powell, Marcos Palacios, Ernest Clark, Ronald "Flippa" Colson, and Matan Zohar to name a few.

Producers: KeY Wane, Flippa and Jproof to name a few

Check it out TWENTY88 below:


Summerella - "Pull Up" & "11 Something"

Alicia Keys - "In Common"