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Kehlani - "Distraction"

Brandy's record label tried to insult her by stating that she was essentially washed up, however, we all know that Brandy is literally a living legend. Have you heard Kehlani's new record "Distraction?" This single is very Brandy inspired from the runs to the tone of Kehlani's voice. Brandy has heavily influenced R&B then and even now.

Recently, Kehlani has been coming out of hiding with single after single, smash after smash and this particular record "Distraction" is no different. The vibe of the single building up to the chorus indicates something memorable is approaching. Kehlani has done it again with another relatable song that you can easily put on repeat.

Kehlani sings:

Do me a favor / pick me up, take me out later

Don't worry about no paper

Cause I got much stacked up for nights like this

My life can get crazy, I deal with sh** on the daily

Check out her new single "Distraction" below.


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