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Lexi Breed - "First of the Month" & "Ain't No Future"

The apple usually doesn't fall to far from the tree and nine times out of ten if your dad is a musician you will be one as well. This holds true for Lexi Breed, the daughter of the late rapper MC Breed. Breed is more than a beautiful face but also has the voice to match. She is truly a powerhouse and ,although her most recent singles don't fully showcase the range of her voice, they are still strong records.

"Ain't No Future" is a hip-hop record with R&B undertones. This single is confident and independent just how a king would raise his daughter to be. "First of the Month" is the latest single Breed has been pushing. This is a self assuring record with a consistent flow. 

Breed sings:

It's the first of the month / so let's gage where I'm at  

living life in the villa / I'm never looking back 

I'm the one in control / steady playing the field  

I'm just stacking these figures 'til I see me a mill  

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