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Jaylien - "Summer's Over"

R&B is one of the music genres that is constantly changing and relapsing simultaneously. True lovers of R&B stay true to the roots but put their own memorable spin on it. Jaylien has been in the music business for over a decade behind the scenes and now he's in the forefront.     "Summer's Over" is an easy-going smooth record with Drake like simplicity and universal topic appeal. 

Jaylien sings:

What you gone do now that the summers over /You ain't do nothing that your momma told ya

You moved to LA and became a smoker (stoner) /You hit the club and everybody knows ya

What you gone do now that the summers over / You had a birthday and you getting older

You and your girls took the city over / You driving clean but your cars a loaner

We are apart of a new generation of women and men alike. You have your "turn-up kings and queens" of the world and you have your reservist. The reservist don't tend to make music song headlines but with out them the contrast wouldn't be so conversational.

Take a listen to his single and entire EP below and if Jaylien is not on your radar he should be!

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