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NAO - "For All We Know"

27 year old British songwriter, Neo Jessica Joshua a.k.a NAO, clearly knows music with a very unique twang to her voice and a 90's inspired sound. NAO got her start in music by ghost writing for UK grime and garage rising artist. With an undeniable sound and talent it's amazing that she wasn't an artist from the very beginning. 

She recently released an amazing project entitled For All We Know  which includes 18 mind-blowing tracks from production, to writing to the flawless mixing of each record. You can tell when someone puts their heart and soul into their music, into the story their are trying to convey. "Girlfriend" is one of the lead singles off her recent project and what a record it is combining tension, range, emotion and drama all into one record. 


NAO sings: 

If I was your girlfriend could you love for two

If I was your girlfriend could you pull me through  

to make us fly / to make us fly  

Don't be scared to shed a little broken/ oh baby yeah

Your masculine's an offer to be opened   

Check out "Girlfriend" below and listen to her full project on her website


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