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Haisha Porter - "That's OK" & "Let's Ride"

Good music stems from a phenomenal team. Haisha Porter has a gifted squad around her from producers like Backpack and Stribb to engineers like Scott Taylor Jr. The production team is essential to creating dope records. Porter is not afraid to turn up the heat in her music and tell you what she's feeling or what she requires. "That's Ok" is a steamy seductive modern day woman record and "Let's Ride" is a more relaxed earthy love single - Porter is certainly versatile in her music.

Porter sings:

Mesmerizing capabilities between these legs / I arch high you stroke

Turn me around and choke /Til I almost pass out / Time to knock the p****y out now

I told you it only gets wetter /It don't get no better

Check out her two singles below and behind the scenes for "That's Ok."

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