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Ar'mon and Trey Drop "The Same #SoGoneChallenge"

Monica's #SoGoneChallenge has social media on a hashtag frenzy, however, as we know everyone's #SoGoneChallenge isn't creative, appealing or lyrically moving. The fun of the challenge is that you can put your own spin on it and be as innovative as you like. Detroit brothers, Ar'mon and Trey have done just that with their Usher, RKelly and obviously Monica inspired #SoGoneChallenge. 


Ar'mon and Trey sing:

Ar'mon sings: Yo Bro, Can we talk for a minute, I been talking to this chick and she real pretty

Trey sings: Oh that's what's up cuz I got this little thang too, nice size, skinny waist, she was thicke too 

Ar'mon: Man that's insane cuz my girl shaped the same

Together: Nice thighs, skinny waist, body bang, aye 

These brothers have the connection, passion and talent to rocket them straight into superstardom. Check out their #SoGoneChallenge below.

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