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Dej Loaf Drops New Single "Beef n Broccoli"

Jia McMillan ShipleyComment

Music should be an auditory window into the soul. Dej Loaf gives us an authentic and emotional performance in her latest track "Beef n Broccoli" which appears to be a metaphor for the negativity, hate, depression - beef- and the success, faith, persistence and good substance - broccoli. Dej has jumped leaps and bounds from her earlier, although still successful records, but she's tapping into different genres and truly showcasing her versatility. Success and fame isn't always the picture perfect story that some celebs paint. In the midst of the fan love is hate, deceit, depression, success, anxiety and happiness somewhere mixed in. 


Dej sings:  

Sometimes I wanna get away, cuz life gets stressful 

I done had it up to here I felt the pressure

Got me turning up the bottle to deal with depression

They wanna see you down, they see you progressin' 

Check out her latest single below.