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Kehlani Drops New Single "Do U Dirty"

Kehlani premiers yet another single off her upcoming and highly anticipated album Sweet Sexy Savage entitled "Do U Dirty." Records like this are the reason why Kehlani has been and will continue to be successful. "Do U Dirty" has daring, candid and blunt lyrics. This is a new generation that puts everything out in the open; it's not only men that can do you dirty but women can as well, commitment seems to be at a low while situations are on the rise. "Do U Dirty" is a dope, boastful, witty track with most fitting melodies and that undeniable Kehlani demeanor.


Kehlani sings:

You liked it when I used to leave a wound and promise I would come and kiss it

I fed you lies and you just ate em up and I don't care to do the dishes

I ain't no wifey, ain't gone hold you down it's way more fun to be the mistress

I know I'm not like other b*****s

Listen to Kehlani's "Do U Dirty" below and be on the look out for her album dropping January 27th.

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