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Tamara Chauniece - "Don't (Shoot Em Down)"

 Tamara Chauniece dropped a powerful and emotive version of Bryson Tiller's "Don't" entitled "Don't (Shoot Em Down)." Last year was a year of police brutality at an unparalleled visual high, witnessing so much cruelty by the hands of those who are allegedly supppsed to protect us. Chauniece takes to the most influential mass medium -music- and lyrically puts down her pain and unfortunate realities of the fury a lot of young men and women experience at the hands of unfit officers. Music like this is a must listen !


Tamara Chauniece sings:

It's all wrong and we gotta get right

Cuz vengeance ain't yours and it aint mine 

We'll all have to answer to the most high

So we may as well love in the mean time

Listen to Tamara Chauniece's "Don't (Shoot Em Down" below.

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