Jia McMillan Shipley

Keem Litty Drops 'The Golden Child Deluxe' Album

Jia McMillan Shipley

Soul music comes from the inner melodies of life experiences. New York born and Atlanta raised, singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Keem Litty releases his independent, self-written project entitled The Golden Child Deluxe. This compilation gives you love, emotion, truths, narrative, exceptional production and a complimentary genre fusion of hip-hop, r&b and pop undertones.


Litty says, "I want people to know that this album is the culmination of me taking a step out on faith for myself."

We're in a music era that's starting to crave substance again - Keem Litty's here to feed us, check out The Golden Child Deluxe and a visual of one of the singles "Fiend" below.


Keem Litty sings "Fiend:"

Got me going insane / like I'm on cocaine

Up in my window pane waiting for her

Fiendin' for her, longing for her