Jia McMillan Shipley

Vedo Releases 'As I Am' Project

Jia McMillan Shipley

What are the makings of an authentically talented R&B singer - an amazing voice, vocal range, lyricism, story-telling and sex-appeal doesn't hurt either. One of the season four "Voice" finalist and Michigan native Vedo embodies those makings seamlessly in his latest project As I Am.

This mixtape combines classic soul, narrative, word-play, fitting melodies and soothing deliveries.  A singer that can truly croon is a rare commodity these days but with 9 million YouTube views, 5.7 million Soundcloud plays, 1.3 Million Spotify streams and 10k in sales it's obvious the world has taken notice and maybe the appetite for real music is coming back, check out As I Am below.

Vedo sings "Selfish:"

Girl I can't front you know I'm selfish / I want it all don't wanna share it

I'm leaving hickeys I can't help it / Can't let no other n****s beat me to it