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Chozen - "Broken Thoughts"

Atlanta's own singer, songwriter and rapper Chozen drops his highly anticipated project Broken Thoughts a brew of Hip-hop, R&B and spoken word. Remember that good ole music, that soul music, that music with a purpose and a message - Chozen gives you just that. His most recent project Broken Thoughts completely mixed and masted by Scott Taylor Jr. is a seamless compilation of narrative, emotion and catchy singles. The industry needs this raw love and passion for music to ooze out into every record through a voice like Chozens' and the artistry of an engineer like Taylor.


Chozen sings "Show You":

Perception can be a killer / how you look at me when I ain't with her

They think they slick I know that they want her

But she's all mine so that's why I flaunt her

She got people feeling different

Check out Chozen's EP by clicking this link -https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/broken-thoughts/id1161534444

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