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Mansionz - "STFU" feat. Spark Master Tape

The newly formed duo Mansionz which includes Mike Posner and Blackbear is bound to be a lyrical problem in the music industry. "STFU" featuring Spark Master Tape, another dope artist, has a R&B sound infused with poetic rap and responsive lyricism. Music should be transparent, open to interpretation and well put together - "STFU" hits the nail on the head!


Ikonic lyrics:

People talk too much shit
In my face, 'round my back, on the phone
Ain't been famous for a while but I'm still up in my zone

And I don't usually smoke, but I'm high on sativa
If I pour it in my tea, I smell like heaven, I'm a diva

-Mike Posner  

Check out "STFU" below and purchase the single on iTunes by clicking this link - https://itun.es/us/nB7Egb?i=1182512874

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