Chloe and Halle - "Sugar Symphony"

These two girls are a remarkable example of exceptional modern day music evolution. Chloe and Halle broke the internet when they covered Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts" in 2013 which received over 11 million views. Beyoncé also signed the two girls to her management company Parkwood Entertainment for a five-year deal totaling $1.5 million.  These two beauties are extremely well trained with a flawless tone, range and control to their voices.

Their lead single "Drop" off their EP Sugar Symphony, which is self produced and self-writtenis literally spine chilling especially at first listen with its haunting tone. When a record is dope from the first listen, well, that my friends is something magical as are these two young stars. Talent this raw is rare but the whole world is watching their evolution and excited to see the heights they'll reach.