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Kwesi Foraes - "Heroin"

Kwesi Foraes has a haunting bluesy voice in his single "Heroin" off his EP "27." With his deep and almost melancholy lyrics he evokes great emotion in this record. Sex, love and drugs seem to rule the music industry and over the past couple decades metaphoric references to the dynamic trio have appeared in abundance. Love is one of the most potent drugs known to men and women alike.

Foraes told NPR that
"Heroin" was originally inspired by the "symbolic death of a long-term relationship" and he goes on to say, "I learned that the effects on the brain from heroin use and addiction factually mirror the same part of the brain when it comes to love."

Foraes sings:

and I know its crazy but the feeling so right

Cuz I want your love by the end of the night

and it feels so good when the feelings so wrong

And I want you back but your already gone

Check out his single below.

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