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Futuristic - "All I Do Is Rap"

THIS my friends is hip-hop! THIS is entertainment!

THIS is the type of energy and talent that ignites and helps revive the hip-hop industry.

Futuristic began to truly get a buzz a year ago when he released "The Greatest." He came into the game confident, strong yet he still seems to be a bit under the radar but please believe he won't be over looked for long. Since the release of "The Greatest" Futuristic has flowed on other tracks like Desiigner's "Panda" , Logic's "Flexicution" and some original works like "Back Then" to name a few.

His most recent track "All I Do Is Rap" is jam-packed with energy, confidence and lyrical puns in regards to his competition or lack there of in the industry.  The fact of the matter is - if you got it, you got it and Futuristic has all the tools necessary to win in this business.

Futuristic raps:

Arizona's finest / refer to me as your highness

yaw n****s switch sounds one day you Bryson and then the next you Desiigner

I'm responsible for the climate / I came in and created a culture

anybody can catch a body I'm a wolf and you n****s is looking like vultures


Check his new single below and also catch him on tour:

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