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Toni Romiti - "Imma Dog Too"

Toni Romiti is the type of singer that puts her soul and experiences in her music. We first noticed Romiti three years ago when she dropped her female anthem "Nothin On Me" which received 24M views on the official video alone.

Over the past couple years she has released other tracks like "Broke Up With You" and "Time to Leave." However, this latest track "Imma Dog Too" is the one that stands out the most. Women either try to get even or move on. The two-can-play-that game mentality can be a success or a disaster, it just depends on how the cards are played. 

Romiti sings:

Did you forget that all these n****s like me?

And they'd be lucky to let me be wifey/ so how could you be so damn triflin

When you hear about all the dirt that I've done, you gon' be so f-n hurt

Cause I'm the one you thought you could just go out and have your fun

But I can play the same game except I won

Toni Romiti is definitely an I K O N on the rise with a strong voice and an overwhelming online/social media presence.

Check out her latest single below.

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