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Cashflow Harlem - "Rich Thoughts Poor Habits"

Cashflow Harlem has been shaking up the internet for quite some time now from his WorldStar videos to his latest mixtape entitled Rich Thoughts Poor Habits , he sure knows how to lyrically make a statement - but isn't that what hip-hop is about anyways?

It is obvious that he put time and serious thought into this project touching on issues of love, modern day women, injustice and stereotypes to name a few. He even put his own spin on Jay Z's smash single "Girls Girls Girls" and you have to be confident to remix a Jay Z record. Cashflow has the infamous New York delivery and raw talent that is destined to take him to the top. Real hip-hop is coming back in a familiar form with a modern spin. Lyrically Cashflow is creative and current.

Cashflow raps on "Ladies vs Thots:"

A lady want a man that's in school with his MBA/ A thot want a n**** in the NBA

Thots sit at home watch reality shows/ Ladies still in tune with reality though

Ladies get a salary, you know, wage an hour/ Ladies want weddings, thots want baby showers

Rich Thoughts Poor Habits is an instant classic. Check out Cashflow Harlem's new project below.




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