Bibi Bourelly, Earl St. Clair - "Perfect"

This generations ideology of beauty seems to be one sided at best. Furthermore, once you strip down the stereotypical modern day beautiful woman, she tends to be very flawed, made-up and insecure.

Def Jams own Bibi Bourelly and Earl St. Clair have quite the controversial and bold record on their hands. "Perfect" touches on those imperfections that people can have, the facade women wear that is more than make-up deep, the pain of beauty and the haughtiness of the modern day woman. She's appears to be together on the outside but is a mess internally. As the record goes on the blemishes surface and the truth is revealed. The average perfectionist masks their insecurities with their perception of what perfection means to them and the aide of societal peer pressures. "Perfect" is an amazing single with a relevant message. 

Earl St. Clair & Bibi Bourelly sing:

Rolex watch, got straight A's / I don't think I see a single mark on your face 

My iPhone's cracked and my credit's jacked/ and my nails are short, oh yeah

And my lungs are black /You a little too perfect baby 

The imagery in their lyrics is phenomenal, vivid and honest. 

Bourelly's fervent duet with St. Clair is a must listen! Check out "Perfect" below, you'll love the sound and rawness of this record!