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Dani Devastation Murders the #SoGoneChallenge

Flatbush Brooklyn's own notorious car rapper, Dani Devastation is back at it again with a flawless freestyle over Monica's "So Gone." The #SoGoneChallenge has went viral but not everyone's flows are as dynamic, ear catching and potent as Dani Devastation's. An internet sensation only describes her on the surface but she's more than that. It has been a while since the hip-hop industry witnessed a young rising female star with such speed, lyrical ferocity and undeniable talent.

Dani Devastation raps:

Now I'ma give you a taste of your own recipe nigga 

I got the codes to the safe / the numbers to the bank

I know a n**** named shank that leave you bloody for a frank

No Ketchup / You better 'fess up

Excited to see what's next for the young star, check out Dani Devastation's #SoGoneChallenge freestyle below.

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