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Australian Artist Sexton Drops "Going Ghost" Visual

Australian native Sexton drops another phenomenally vivid visual for her new single "Going Ghost." We remember her last crazy dope video for her single "Hotel" which definitely introduced her to the industry in a big way, an industry of fame and one-hit-wonders, highs, lows, the real and the fake. Sexton is what the industry needs right now, a fully loaded, blunt, unique and fearless artist to keep it on its' toes. She says she's going ghost but I'm sure we will see plenty more of the young new wave. "Going Ghost" is a dauntless record lyrically filled with truths and a swagger all Sexton's own. 

Sexton raps:

Pale like Casper / Soul too pure 

The games never had a white b**** so raw 

And they looking to see if I got it / b**** I do 

Now I'm popping for all of you doubtin' 

Watch out for this one she's up next! Check out Sexton's latest visual below. 

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