Jia McMillan Shipley

Young M.A - "Summer Story"

Jia McMillan Shipley

In the words of Def Jam A&R Lenny S., "There is only two things, I, and anybody should look for in an artist...People have to either want to be you or believe you."

Brooklyn's own, Young M.A, who is most noted for her “Brooklyn Chiraq Freestyle” video, has both of those characteristics. You believe what she raps about. Furthermore, you might even want to be her when you see her in the videos surrounded by a gang of supporters. New York is known for breeding some of the best MC's of all time, from Jay Z, to Jadakiss, to Lil Kim, Remy Ma etc. and the list goes on. Young M.A has the raw swagger, lyricism, head-bobbing flow and following that will inevitability propel her to even higher altitudes. The music industry is one of the most cut throat, but talent is talent and Young M.A has it.

Her most recent single "Summer Story" dropped at the perfect time. It's the middle of the summer, love and fun is in the air but so is the hustle.

Young M.A raps ("Summer Story"):

Get with the wave / I'm tryna' get this money man I been up for days

I wont ever change / I'm stuck in my ways/ It's hard to leave the hood I still be around the ways

Uncles on the block drinking Henny playing spades / All you see is clips of weed laying in the trays

It's normal to us / where we from its important to us / anything not in New York feels foreign to us

Let's continue to watch and support Young M. A's climb to unimaginable heights. Check out Young M. A's newest single "Summer Story" and some of her previous jams! Listen to her full project Sleep Walkin by clicking this link - http://www.datpiff.com/Young-MA-Sleep-Walkin-mixtape.741914.html .

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