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Oddo - "Speak Up"

Atlanta native artist Oddo drops this riveting and blunt track entitled "Speak Up." When asked what inspired this record Oddo responds with, "It came about basically from me being tired of not being heard, being tired of everyone blowing up, even those that aren't talented...I don't do music for the glitz and glamour but to uplift and inspire."


The songs message is further enhanced by his dope story-like visual as well. Hip-hop needs artist that make music for the art of it, we look forward to hearing more from the young MC in the near future.

Oddo raps:

Imma chase it long as God give me strength (Speak Up)

If I don't who the f*** gone pay the rent (Speak Up)

Watch your intent, trust me it can get intense (Speak Up)

They den' hooked me up with Money Makin' Mitch (Speak Up)

Watch Oddo's "Speak Up" visual below. 

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