Jia McMillan Shipley

Kelela - ‘Take Me Apart’

Jia McMillan Shipley

If Aaliyah, The Weeknd, Syd and Janine had a baby Kelela would be the spawn. The American singer-songwriter and obvious vocal muse releases her rousing new compilation entitled Take Me Apart laced with 14 featureless tracks. Kelela's latest album, doused in written emotion, relationship woes and achievements in conjunction with her scrupulous attention to the overall structure of each single places her on a noteworthy plateau. Take Me Apart oozes with fervor and intention and lyrically crescendos from track to track - the perfect climax, check it out below.

iTunes link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/take-me-apart/id1263130527

Check out Kelela's track by track breakdown video below.